Got a burning question as a Local Authority professional? Here you'll find the answers to our frequently asked questions.

Do I need to be a member to buy products from NDNA?

No, NDNA products & services are available to everyone. NDNA members will benefit from the discounted member price.

Can I get discounts for bulk purchases?

Yes, NDNA offers discounts for bulk purchases on all training. Please contact us to discuss the bulk purchase options.

Can I try before I buy online learning?

Yes, NDNA encourages local authorities to trial all online learning prior to purchasing.

Are many local authorities members?

Nearly half of all English local authorities are currently members of NDNA.

If I buy online training licences, how do I know the providers in my area have done the training?
NDNA provides comprehensive reports to local authorities on the licences that have been purchased. The reports include the name of the learner, registration date, examination date, pass or fail rate and the percentage score. NDNA will provide the reports to meet the needs of the local authority.

Can you incorporate local themes into training if we commission you?

Yes, NDNA will work with you to ensure local elements are included in our training. NDNA will always offer a free place on a training course, to a local authority representative, to ensure a local perspective is delivered.

Do you provide training for childminders?

Yes, NDNA’s training, whether online or face to face, is suitable for all early years practitioners. 


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