NDNA is working hard to bring about real changes for the UK childcare sector

NDNA is challenging the UK governments to make a big commitment for children and families by taking up our Childcare Challenge.

Childcare Challenge is based on wide-ranging consultation with the sector on the issues affecting nurseries as well as hundreds of responses to our 
Annual Nursery Survey.  

It is especially important as 30 free hours’ childcare starts with pilots in England and is likely to follow for the rest of the UK.

Our biggest, single ask is for funding levels to be sufficient for nurseries to cover their costs in providing more free hours.

More generally we want politicians to really make a difference on three key areas of concern for nurseries – the CHOICE, COST and QUALITY of childcare and early years education.
CHOICE: All parents and carers should have the right to choose the best local nursery for their child.

COST: High-quality, local, affordable childcare should be available to everyone.

QUALITY: Children and parents deserve a nurturing, age-appropriate learning environment.