Childcare Challenge Scotland 2016

NDNA Scotland is asking the Scottish Government to work with the nursery sector to:

  • Protect parents’ choice of provision by allowing more nurseries to deliver funded places for eligible two-year-olds and for three and four-year-olds
  • Carry out a funding review to ensure the private and third sector is adequately funded to deliver more free hours without making a loss, taking into account the rising costs to employers of the National Living Wage
  • Fund different local authority areas consistently, taking into account the real cost of delivery
  • Map out current provision before carrying out any new capital projects to create space to meet demand, supporting these with funding 
  • Give all childcare providers 100% relief on business rates and make VAT on childcare zero-rated.

Get involved

PARENTS AND CARERS Let your MSP know how important good-quality, affordable childcare is to you. Write to them or talk to them if you see them out and about in your constituency. Ask them what they’ll do for childcare. Spread the word about NDNA’s Childcare Challenge and join the discussion on social media at @NDNAtalk on Twitter and Facebook

Invite your MSP to your nursery to see for themselves the great work you do and talk to them about the difficulties your setting is facing. Help them understand what they need to do for families and childcare. Talk to parents about the issues and promote Childcare Challenge on social media.

Why not visit a nursery, or talk to parents about childcare? Read NDNA’s Annual Nursery Survey for Scotland 2016 Annual Nursery Survey for Scotland 2016 to get the picture directly from the frontline. Consider lobbying for a better deal for early years within your own party. Work with NDNA to improve the CHOICE, QUALITY and COST of childcare.

Here are some resources to help you to spread the word about Childcare Challenge.

For parents

  • Template letter for parents to send to politicians
  • Suggested Facebook and Twitter posts for parents.
For nurseries
  • Template letter for nurseries to give to parents about Childcare Challenge
  • Template press release for nurseries to send to local media
  • Template letter for nurseries to send to politicians
  • Suggested Facebook and Twitter posts for nurseries. 

Download the resources here