One in five nurseries won't offer 30 hours putting the 30 hours promise in danger - our survey results have achieved extensive media coverage.

NDNA’s Annual Nursery Survey for England findings, published today (18 April) follow Department for Education figures indicating that just 44% of school nurseries are likely offer 30 hours and the Preschool Learning Alliance’s recent announcement that only 44% of settings, mainly playgroups and childminders, aim to do so.

NDNA also found that only 44% of daycare providers say they will participate and a fifth say they are unlikely to, or definitely won’t. A total of 35% still don’t know, just five months ahead of rollout.

The survey reveals a nursery sector with plummeting confidence and real fears about sustainability when faced with inadequate funding, soaring costs and recruitment problems.

News of our England survey results was heralded by Nursery World in an exclusive feature yesterday, followed by coverage across broadcasters, websites and newspapers today.

Chief Executive Purnima Tanuku gave recorded interviews to Radio 5 Live, ITV's Good Morning Britain, Sky News with member nursery Highmeadows and manager Pamela Houghton, ITV news  from member nursery Fledglings in Worsley and Channel Five news. 

Read the press release and full report and see our animation here.  

Coverage includes:

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