NDNA launches FREE Government-backed online courses to help nursery staff working with children with SEND

Bite-size courses and knowledge-testing quizzes to guide childcare professionals in working with children who may have Special Educational Needs and Development, and their families, are now available online through National Day Nurseries Association.

Courses and quizzes on Courageous Conversations and Education, Health and Care Plans are now available to all nursery employees at no cost.

Following soon will be a course and quiz entitled Working With Parents. 

All are supported by the Department for Education and thousands of nursery workers are set to take the courses and quizzes, about an hour in duration each, over the next few weeks. 

Courageous Conversations tackles the broaching of difficult topics with families such as a child’s behaviour or concerns about their development.

The course recognises the sensitive nature of talking to families about their children and looks at effective ways to do this. It also considers what it’s like to be in a parent’s shoes and how to manage a situation in which families might not accept concerns. 

Education, Health and Care Plans aims to boost confidence levels on this subject and understanding of the assessment process.

Working With Parents will concentrate on the importance of parent partnerships when there is a concern about a child’s progress and methods to engage and involve them and share information effectively to create positive, trusting relationships.

Stella Ziolkowski, Director of Quality and Workforce Development at NDNA, said: “We are delighted to have gained the support of the Department for Education in delivering this essential training and I urge anyone who works with children in a nursery to sign up and take part.

“The best possible outcomes for children with SEND are achieved when childcare and early education professionals are able to identify even a sight developmental delay and take steps early. Forming strong bonds with families is also crucial as part of the process.

“In less than the time it would take to watch a film or a football match, a childcare professional can learn some valuable new skills and enrich their knowledge at no cost to them or their employer.”

NDNA’s contract with the Department for Education has also involved recruiting more learners to its SEND Champions programme.

To take the courses go to http://www.ndna.org.uk/NDNA/Training/Free_SEND_courses_and_quizzes_NDNA.aspx?WebsiteKey=5e278c52-0dec-4482-ad81-d06b25949f8b