NDNA launches new online course to help nurseries promote positive behaviour in under-fives

National Day Nurseries Association has launched a new course for nursery practitioners to promote positive behaviour and deal with challenging behaviour in young children. 

The online course, called Promoting Positive Behaviour, is suitable for all levels of practitioners and costs £24.99 for NDNA members and £32.99 for non-members.

Learning includes strategies to encourage positive behaviour - such as sharing – and deal with challenging behaviour such as tantrums, biting or not sharing. 

A common reason for behaviour such as this can be limited communication skills, which leads to children lashing out in frustration. 

Children are not born with ‘good’ or ‘bad’ behaviour - they learn it and need guidance from trusted, confident and knowledgeable adults to help them deal with and express their emotions appropriately.

Stella Ziolkowski, NDNA’s Director of Quality and Workforce Development, said: “NDNA’s early years experts are regularly asked about challenging behaviour. 

“Although we have long run a successful face to face training course on promoting positive behaviour, we have now developed an online course to be more accessible to practitioners. 

“Our new Promoting Positive Behaviour online course will give practitioners the skills to promote good behaviour in young children and support parents to carry on the good work at home.”

Recent research published in Nature Human Behaviour has confirmed the importance of early intervention, with children who display bad behaviour aged three more likely to develop bad habits as adults, such as smoking and committing crimes.

The research states that intervention in the early years can improve adult outcomes, and help as many children as possible to achieve their full potential.

NDNA’s Promoting Positive Behaviour online course includes theories of behaviour and information on the role of the adult and creating positive environments, as well as video content and activities to support learning.

Find more details at www.ndna.org.uk/onlinetraining or call 01484 407070.