Clangers and NDNA support UK families in promoting kindness

Much-loved television series Clangers has joined forces with the UK’s voice of the nursery sector to bring thoughts about kindness to young children and their families.

Today, National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) a charity that supports early years care and learning, and much-loved pre-school brand Clangers, reveal a new partnership. They will work together to deliver a new month-long programme to support nurseries to teach kindness, running from Monday 18th September to Sunday 22nd October, 2017.

The partnership with NDNA, follows a piece of research commissioned by Clangers which asked 1,400 parents of 2-6 year olds how they teach their children to be kind.

Clanger and soup dragon

The study, carried out by One Poll, found that UK parents are working very hard to teach their children to be kind, 30% of UK parents try to nurture kindness in their children from birth, 32% begin at age one, a quarter wait until age two, and only 13% wait until their child is three or above before trying to instil kindness. Meaning the average age children start to be taught kindness is 1.25.

Furthermore, across Britain, parents are teaching their children to be kind in lots of different ways. More than 50% of parents nurture kind behaviour in their children by being kind themselves, 48% talk to their children about their actions to help them learn, 31% undertake kind acts together, 56% make a point of praising kind acts or attempts at kindness, 12% use role playing, among much much more.

Kindness is an innate part of the Clangers’ adventures and is always demonstrated in the characters’ actions, so the new programme of activity uses the Clangers’ assets and themes of the show to create materials that encourage children to have fun, whilst embedding the concept of being kind.

Purnima Tanuku OBE, CEO of the National Day Nurseries Association, said: “With so many parents working hard to teach their children kindness and tolerance from such a young age, it felt apt for NDNA and Clangers to work together on this project. 

“The activities that we have put together provide a fun and exciting way to bring kindness education into nurseries and family homes across the country. We look forward to seeing how the children develop over the course of the five weeks and how it will support practitioners and parents too.”

Jeremy Banks, CEO of Coolabi Group, which owns Clangers, comments: “Kindness is an integral part of the Clangers’ lives, and something we have been championing since the series re-launched. Knowing that UK parents are working so hard to nurture kindness in their children, this partnership with NDNA seemed the perfect way for all of us to spread kindness with families even further.”

Child development expert Dr Jacqueline Harding, who consulted with the Clangers team on the study comments: “Our research found that parents are incredibly keen to help their children get to grips with being kind from a very early age, and that they’re always looking for new ways to do this.

“I’m a huge supporter of this new campaign to teach kindness in nurseries. Empathy and truly understanding the needs of others is essential in adult life and, developmentally speaking, these important skills are fostered and learnt at an early age.”

Each week will have its own theme to be used by nursery practitioners and an activity guide will contain around five activities including how the activity supports learning. It will include detailed instructions on how to carry out the activity including tips for best practice and follow-up work. The guide will also include a take-home activity that children can do at home. Topics will include kindness to each other, family (parents, carers, grandparents, pets), the environment (plants and animals), our community, and ourselves (physical and mental).

Clangers, from international media group and rights owner Coolabi Group, has been championing kindness since 2016 when it launched its #ClangersForKindness campaign. To date Clangers has generated over 10k kindness wishes and pledges from children and families, taken its kindness activation to festivals events across the UK and provided tips and advice to families via its Facebook page and bespoke kindness microsite. 

Clangers is available to watch on CBeebies and will launch brand new episodes from its second series in September 2017. 

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Further information

The programme guide has been written by NDNA’s Early Year’s Experts who come from various backgrounds within the sector, from managing large nurseries and out of school clubs, working for Ofsted as Early Years Inspectors as well as working overseas in the sector. They are all highly qualified having varied educational backgrounds including training as a Primary School Teacher and Early Years Professional status.

About NDNA

The NDNA is the voice of the 20,000-strong nursery sector, an integral part of the lives of more than a million young children and their families. The organisation provides information, training and advice to support nurseries and the 250,000 people who work in them to deliver world-class early learning and childcare. Working closely with local and national governments in England, Scotland and Wales, NDNA campaigns on the cost, choice and quality of childcare to benefit nurseries, families and the economy

About Coolabi Group 

Coolabi Group is a leading independent international media group and rights owner specialising in the creation, development and brand management of children’s and family intellectual property rights. 

The group, made up of Coolabi and Working Partners, has particular expertise in television, digital and books.

Coolabi owns the rights in over 20 TV series and some 373 half- hours of programming; it has shows which have aired in more than 140 territories on channels including: ABC, Cartoon Network, CBeebies, CBBC, Clan / TVE, Disney, F5, ITV, Kika, Netflix, Nickelodeon and Sprout.

Brands owned and/or represented by Coolabi include the multi-award-winning remake of Clangers, which airs on CBeebies, Scream Street, shown on CBBC and Poppy Cat currently airing on Channel 5 milkshake! Other properties include Beast Quest, Purple Ronnie and the Smallfilms properties Bagpuss and Ivor the Engine.
Brand extensions include the Beast Quest gaming app, co-produced with Miniclip for iOS, Android and Windows Phone which has achieved over nine million global downloads. Coolabi recently announced a new deal with top 15 global video game publisher Maximum Games, to develop a Beast Quest console game for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

The group also creates original series fiction for publishers and has created some 100 published series, consisting of over 1,000 books, sold in more than 40 languages. Four of these series, Warriors, Beast Quest, Animal Ark and Rainbow Magic have sold over ten million copies each. 
Coolabi Group has reached an agreement with Alibaba Pictures Group Limited for the film rights for Warriors. Alibaba Pictures intends to develop Warriors into a world-class fantasy movie which has David Heyman (Harry Potter) as producer.  The Warriors book series has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide.