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Encourage home-learning and working with parents with Dettol's fun (and FREE!) 'We're Going on a Germ Hunt' activity!

Dettol's 'We're Going on a Germ Hunt' home-learning activity encourages children to learn about the germ 'hot-spots' in their home to discover how to limit the spread of germs. 

Download and print the FREE guide here, share this link with parents/carers, or sign up here to receive printed guides by post. But hurry - printed versions are on a first-come-first-served basis! 

This fun easy game needs just scissors and sticky tack.

Hide the 'germs' around the home and encourage children to hunt them out! 

It is important for children to understand where germ 'hot-spots' are and and how good hand hygiene can help to stop germs from spreading. 
Child washing their hands

Work with parents to develop a good understanding of hygiene and endorse home-learning with this Dettol activity.

Dettol aims to protect children and their families from infections through good hygiene. For more information visit

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