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When you own or manage a nursery, we’re willing to bet that it’s a huge part of your life. 
We know you have huge responsibilities, but you also enjoy great rewards in making a real difference to the children in your care.

We want to help you and your nursery to be the best it can be

Imagine your ideal nursery: a well-trained, eager team of reliable staff; happy, settled children and delighted parents that will recommend you to others. An outstanding reputation and an inspection report to match.

Now let us help you to make it happen...

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 You’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions in our FAQ section. It’s regularly updated with issues our members are facing now.


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What do you get from NDNA?

We're here to give our members the support and advice they need to run healthy and successful businesses

Time; resources; money and cashflow; paperwork… our members tell us about the kinds of challenges they face each day.

We can’t wave a magic wand, but we can offer advice and support on the issues all nurseries face such as safeguarding, employing the right team, sustainability and developing positive relationships with parents. 

We tell you about local and national NDNA events, where you can share ideas and issues with others in a similar role to yours.

We support your nursery with tried and tested policies and procedures, regular sector updates to ensure you don’t miss a thing, and that's only the beginning...!

Here are some of the ways we help our members:


Our wide range of training days, designed by our specialist Early Years Advisers, will help you to empower your staff, so you can step back and look at the direction you want to take your business over the coming years. NDNA members receive discounts on all training courses and publications.

Give exemplary childcare

e-Quality Counts is NDNA’s flagship training scheme and is highly regarded in the nursery sector.

When you achieve the e-Quality Counts accreditation, you have demonstrated exemplary childcare above and beyond the requirements of the regulators such as Ofsted.

Find out more about EQC here

Keep up with the law

When legislation changes, you can be sure you’ll hear about it first, with advice on exactly what action to take. 

Case Study - the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation

In December 2014, the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation determined that all nurseries in the UK who provide snacks and meals to children must be able to detail and prove what ingredients are in every single food dish they serve. Our Allergy Awareness training was developed within days of the change in the law, and offered to our members for just £11.99.

Improve your marketing skills

If you’re concerned about keeping up the numbers of children attending your nursery, choose our marketing courses to learn new skills on promoting your nursery and building your reputation as the nursery of choice in your area.

Online marketing and sales course

Nursery membership – from £163 per year

This is what you’ll get from your membership: Do you have more than one site?
For each additional site you have, we charge from just £58 for full membership benefits. Call us on 01484 40 70 70 or contact us and we'll arrange it all for you.

“We are constantly adapting and improving with the help of NDNA suggestions and guidelines.” - 
Jeanette Matthew-Griffiths, Wadacre Farm Day Nursery

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Brand new publication: Brilliant BabiesNDNA Brilliant Babies publication

Form secure attachments with babies and give them the best start on their development journey with our brand new publication.

Key topics and chapters:

  • Babies' brain development
  • Social and Emotional Aspects of Development
  • Supporting Communication and Language
  • Supporting Physical Development
  • Activity Ideas

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Maths support

Looking to make maths more fun for you and the children in your setting? 
Our award-winning Maths Champions programme is for you!

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