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Green, clean, low cost, fast printers for your nursery

Sharples Group Ltd know that when it comes to printing your documents, you need something that’s reliable, hassle-free, fast and cost-effective. 

Their Epson inkjet printers are all these things and are also the greenest option on the market right now.  

This printer is yours for less than £8 per week.*

You’ll be amazed how much time, money and electricity you can save. Independent tests show that, compared to laser printers, these inkjet printers:

  • Use up to 96% less electricity 
  • Produce up to 99% less waste
  • Are up to 3.5 times faster
  • Need up to 98% less user intervention.
So you can reduce your impact on the environment and save money on your electricity bills. Save time and hassle with really easy to replace print cartridges, a printer that is ready to use without having to ‘warm up’ and less downtime while attending to equipment snags.

The print cartridges also produce far less waste, so you can actively help reduce the ‘waste mountain’ that comes with laser printers.

And Sharples Group Ltd are authorised dealers for Epson inkjet printers, so you’re assured an expert service.

*based on a 60 month lease.

Inkjet v Laser Power Challenge

  • In this video, Sharples Group’s Sam Johnson pitches Epson’s brand-new inkjet technology against a standard laser printer
  • He demonstrates the unbelievable “first copy out” time
  • And shows you the dramatic difference in energy consumption.


A3 Inkjet Printers

If you often need to print in A3, then we have an Epson Inkjet printer that can do that too. This printer is packed with a host of features and benefits: 

  • You can print on a range of media including recycled paper, glossy media, envelopes and labels – perfect for play and educational resources
  • And print up to 84,000 pages before you need to change ink supplies
  • These high capacity ink packs and the fact there are no fusers or drums to replace, mean up to 99% less waste
  • And as there are fewer parts to replace or change you spend much less time (and hassle) keeping the printer running
  • The new inkjet technology means you cut your power usage by up to 96%
  • It is also 3.5 times faster than other laser and colour printers
  • And crucially, you lower your carbon footprint, because this printer does not emit ozone gasses and produces far less waste
  • This really is the green and clean printing solution.
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Document management 

Sharples Group understand that managing important paperwork and documentation is a critical part of what you do.

They provide a range of document management software solutions and scanners so you can:

  • Store your documents electronically, keeping them secure and reducing the number of filing cabinets you need
  • Track and locate your documents easily and efficiently
  • Control your essential paperwork, with clear audit trails.

Sharples Group's team of experts are on hand to give advice and work with you to recommend the best solution for your needs.

Visual solutions


Sharples Group supply a range of visual solutions designed especially for pre-school children and early years activities. Their touchscreens can:

  • Help children’s hand eye coordination, reading, writing, speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy
  • Provide a fun environment where children learn to interact together
  • Encourage children to socialise, learn, share and communicate
  • Help children develop digital skills.

About Sharples Group

Sharples group photo Established in 1977, Sharples Group provide print management solutions with a professional, expert and friendly service.  They help you operate more efficiently and reduce your costs by supplying the latest print solutions that meet your specific needs. 

They do this by offering a free ‘Print Consultation’ which takes a detailed look at your current print environment, how it works and any problems you have with it. They can then recommend a solution to improve efficiency and save you money. If they can’t offer a better solution than the one you have, you can be assured you’re already on your best deal.

All their installations are supported and maintained by their in-house engineers and they also give you a hands-on training session.
Sharples Group are proud of their track record for responsible and ethical business:

"We care about our impact on our clients, our community, our environment and our own team. In 2016, we received the High Sheriff of Cheshire’s “Most Responsible Business Practice” award. We invest in the development of our team and partner with Active Cheshire to create a healthier workplace. We support our local and wider community and have raised £500,000+ for charities."

Contact Sam Johnson at Sharples Group: T: 0800 195 0955

E: Sam Johnson

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