Maths Champions programme - what is included?

As a Maths Champion you will go through a process of maths development with the staff and children at your setting.

  1. This will begin with various skills assessments and an audit of the current state of your maths provision. 

  2. You will then have access to a whole host of support to develop your maths skills and provision with other members of staff.

  3. Alongside a range of core activities, room plans and the Basic and Key Skill Builder, you will also create an action plan for after completion of the project to continue development. 

  4. Upon completing the programme you will receive a certificate of participation to demonstrate your dedication to developing maths provision for the children at your setting. 

Online training

The main "Champion" member of staff plus six other members of staff will have access to online courses including: 

Support from an early years adviser

Early Years Adviser: Jo Baranek As a Maths Champion you will also have access to one-to-one support from an NDNA maths early years adviser. Your adviser is on hand via the telephone and emails to support you through the process.

Our early years adviser also runs a free and exclusive Facebook support group for all Champions to share best practice and useful links.

Maths Champions research trial 

We are currently accepting applicants on a research trial for the Maths Champions programme - find out more here .