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Literacy is the lowest achieving area of learning for the early years 2015/16, you can make a difference to children’s literacy outcomes by joining our literacy champions programme.

NDNA's Literacy Champions ensures children in your setting are able to enjoy exciting, stimulating literacy experiences to develop a strong foundation for reading and writing.
  • Nine step programme 
  • Builds the confidence and skills of your practitioners through structured activities and online training
  • Led by your 'champion' member of staff
  • It is initially a year-long programme, with the option to extend.


“As a result of the project we have completely changed the way we present many of our areas within the group rooms. The children really enjoy snuggling down and listening to a story. Quite often I look around and all the children have chosen to sit in the book corner and tell stories to each other!”
- Lara Duffy, curriculum co-ordinator, Crystal Childcare

Hi, I'm Fiona

I am NDNA's Literacy Champions early years adviser.

I'll be your main contact when you join the programme.

Find out more about me here.


Becoming a Literacy Champion costs just £400 per setting for NDNA members, just £500 for non-members and is available all year round.Buy the programme in our shop now or contact training@ndna.org.uk / call 01484 40 70 70 ext. 228 for more information.