NDNA Maths Champions

Is maths development in children at your setting falling behind other areas of learning? This may be down to the confidence and skills of your practitioners.

NDNA's Maths Champions programme will help you build your team’s confidence in maths through structured activities and online training.

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  • Award-winning
  • Initially a year-long programme, with the option to extend
  • It is led by your 'Champion' member of staff to build their confidence in maths
  • Practitioners can then further support your children in gaining a stronger foundation in maths from birth upwards.
Note: this programme is relevant for England-only settings.

Maths Champions activity ideas


"The project has impacted the children’s mathematical development as Maths is much more apparent throughout the setting, encouraging the children to access Maths independently and in a variety of ways. It has also impacted their development as staff are much more aware of how children can access Maths and how they can extend and further this through planned next steps and in the moment, following on from the children’s individual interests.

"This has been as a result of the enhanced Mathematical environment and resources, as well as training and research to support staff confidence." 

- Street Farm Day Nursery

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Becoming a Maths Champion costs just £400 per setting for NDNA members, just £500 for non-members and is available all year round. Buy the programme in our shop now or contact training@ndna.org.uk / call 01484 407070 ext. 228 for more information.

Maths Champions research trial 

We are currently accepting applicants on a research trial for the Maths Champions programme - find out more here .