Schemas: what we can learn from children's behaviour patterns

NDNA's app developed by Learning Pool explores children's behaviour, more specifically schemas. 

‘Schemas’ is a word to describe the patterns of repeated behaviour you see in children, e.g. continuously moving items or dropping things.

Schemas are often mistaken as negative behaviour when in fact the child is teaching his or herself about the world and how it works.

Observing, recognising and understanding schemas means parents and practitioners can:

• Encourage positive behaviours
• Support and extend the child’s learning and development
• Enhance the child’s self-esteem.

 This fantastic free NDNA app is a tool to help practitioners and parents to understand and identify schemas in children’s behaviour patterns. It even suggests potential resources and activities that can be adapted for use, and suggests language to introduce.

Get it on Itunes or in the Google Play store

Get the free app on iTunes or in the Google Play Store 

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