British Science Week 2017British Science Week 2017: The Mass Blast Off (10-19 March)

NDNA has teamed up with British Science Week, taking place on 10-19 March 2017, to launch a Mass Blast Off Fizzy Rockets Activity!

British Science Week is British Science Association's national celebration of the best of British science, technology, engineering and maths - featuring fascinating, entertaining and engaging events across the UK.

The theme for this year’s British Science Week is “Change” and this year NDNA is launching a Mass Blast Off Fizzy Rocket Activity, for nurseries to investigate the change in the rocket’s motion.

NDNA's new online science course

Congratulations to the winner of our prize draw for NDNA's Inspiring Your Little Scientists publication

Have you been inspired by British Science Week? Take a look at NDNA's new online course, Little Scientists Leading the Way.

This brand new course will show practitioners how scientific opportunities can support children's development across all areas of learning.

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Fizzy Rocket Activity

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