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Early Years Professional Status (EYPS)

As from March 2012, NDNA and the Open University no longer deliver in partnership the Early Years Professional Status. We are proud of our achievements together since the inception of EYPS in 2006 and we congratulate all of our candidates who have become Early Years Professionals over the past five years.

We would like to reassure all candidates currently following pathways to EYPS with NDNA and the Open University that their timetable for study and assessment will not be affected.

NDNA and the Open University remain focused on ensuring that EYPS meets the needs of the nursery and wider early years sector and we are both looking at ways to work with the new providers of EYPS to encourage the full engagement of private, voluntary and independent nurseries in the Status.

NDNA and the Open University believe that raising the status and qualification levels of the nursery workforce is key to the early years sector being seen as a professional and high-quality service for children and families. We remain committed to a graduate led workforce to improve outcomes for all children, particularly those in areas of disadvantage, as research shows that this impacts strongly on children’s life chances.

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