ONE VOICE. One message: Get it right for early years

Join NDNA to urge the Government to get it right for early years.

In the weeks leading up to the general election, now is the time to make our voice heard. 

Together we say:
  • 'No!' to an increase in so-called 'free' childcare entitlement hours
  • 'No!' to business rates for private nurseries in England
  • 'Yes!' to a national workforce campaign.

Join NDNA and create ONE VOICE for childcare.

Together we can make sure that at this critical time, our voice is heard.

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'No!' to more underfunded 'free' entitlement

All major parties have plans for more ‘free’ childcare if they win the election. But where is the evidence that these plans have been properly costed out so that it is adequately funded?

Free childcare is great for parents but government needs to say what it really is – it’s a subsidy or a contribution – but it’s certainly not free. 

Not when nurseries like yours are losing anything up to £2,000 per child per year due to inadequate funding rates.

And that is why we say 'no!' increase in so-called ‘free’ entitlement hours until the current issues with funding are resolved.

Together, using ONE VOICE, we could be strong enough to get government to accurately explain to parents what their funding covers so that nurseries don’t have to.

'No!' to business rates for private nurseries in England

We avidly await the publishing of the Treasury Select Committee’s report following its Inquiry into business rates. 

NDNA submitted evidence, consisting of case studies across some of our member nurseries, and examples of where business rates had more than doubled from one year to the next.

We hope government acknowledges that the early years entitlement is for early education and that’s exactly what you provide – education. 

 Just like nursery schools and voluntary sector nurseries. 

And as such, you too should be exempt from paying business rates. 

Together, we were strong enough to convince national governments in Scotland and Wales to exempt nursery businesses from business rates.

Together, using ONE VOICE, we could be strong enough to do the same in England.

'Yes!' to a national workforce campaign

There are 14% less Level 3 practitioners in the sector than last year.

We all know how vital a well-qualified, experienced and confident workforce is for quality. 

Over the years, the additional expectations placed on practitioners for relatively low pay, has meant that many have left the sector to stack nappies on shelves rather than change them.

Many of you would love to pay your staff more but the figures are not stacking up. 

We all know that we are currently experiencing the legacy of Government’s attempt to enforce a GCSE requirement back in 2014. This saw our staff leave the sector in droves and the pipeline of new entrants dry up. Now more than ever, any support to help you keep the good staff you have and attract new ones is welcomed.  

Together, using ONE VOICE, we could be strong enough to hold Government accountable for the recruitment crisis we’re in. Together, we insist that they invest in a workforce campaign to help you attract and retain the best quality staff.

We have to do this together to make a difference. 

Right now, one thing that clearly would not be strong enough is a single voice at local level talking about these issues.


Because your issue isn’t just your issue. It’s not even just a local issue. It’s a national issue.

And national issues need a national voice with a joined-up campaign to cut straight through to the decision-makers and make a real difference.

Not just for your nursery business but also for the children and families that you serve.

NDNA is that voice and NOW is the time.  Join NDNA. The National Day Nurseries Association.

Together we can make sure that at this critical time, our voice is heard.

ONE VOICE. One message: Get it right for early years

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