Welcome to Week 3 - Blue and Purple week

More fun activities to help little ones explore fruit and vegetables including a range of delicious recipes and fun plates, cabbage and beetroot games, making edible paint, making coleslaw, caring for your growing plants and a cabbage song!

Download: Week 3: 24-28 May resources

Download week 3 Organix resources

Watch our supporting videos for some interactive fun, from playing sensory games to growing your own fruit and veg with JB Gill.


Exploring purple cabbage

This video uses sensory activities to help little ones familiarise themselves with purple cabbage.

The purple cabbage song

This is a sing-along-song focused on interacting with purple cabbage.

Exploring purple beetroot

Join in with Lucy Thomas who will help little ones explore a purple beetroot using sensory activities.

Growing your own fruit and veg with JB

JB Gill shows you how you can grow your own fruit and veg at home.

We hope you’ll encourage as many of your practitioners, children and families to take part, and hope to see their journeys over on our social channels!


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