NDNA local networks

NDNA networks are made up of owners and managers of nursery settings who are committed to providing quality in early years.

Networks allow nursery providers to share experiences and establish a collective voice to ensure their views can be heard by local authorities and other organisations. 

Want to join an NDNA Network? Call us on 01484 407070.

"NDNA Networks are one of the greatest NDNA membership benefits. Made up of nursery owners, managers and senior staff just like you, it's a self-help group but with access to all the support and advice of the NDNA behind it. Networks are there to represent your views to your local authority to influence decisions made about early years. So get involved, network strength is in its membership and the influence your network has on your local authority can have major benefits to your setting." 

- Ken McArthur, Owner, Polly Anna's Nursery

NDNA Awards 2019 – Outstanding Network AwardAwards

How does your NDNA network strive go above and beyond to support and make a positive contribution towards the progress of the nursery sector? 
Make sure you get your network’s efforts recognised and nominate your network group now! 

In no more than 1000 words, tell us about:

  • Your name and job title / role
  • The NDNA network you wish to nominate/your position (chair / member, if applicable)
  • How has the network made a difference to local providers including representation to local authorities etc.?

Please focus on challenges and successes.

For more information and to register for our other awards visit www.votendna.org.uk

Nominations should be emailed to awards@ndna.org.uk.

Closing date for entries and votes is 31 March 2019.

Already part of an NDNA network? Select England, Scotland or Wales to find:

  • The minutes from your latest network meeting
  • Forthcoming events
  • Other information relating to your group.

Use the Resource Library on each network page to find network information, letterheads, minutes templates and expense forms: select the item you need from the list of folders then Download or Preview to access it.