Intimate and safe care

NDNA’s policy templates for 'Intimate Care' and 'Safe Care and Practice' offer useful suggestions for good practice at childcare settings.

  • Give cuddles when sought by children needing comfort and in view of others where possible.

  • Discoure over-tickling, over-boisterous play or inappropriate language such as asking a child to tell them they love them. This should be reported if observed.

  • Ensure staff are aware of whistle-blowing procedures and for random checks to take place throughout the day by managers to ensure safe practices.

  • Ensure staff have an up-to-date understanding of safeguarding/child protection and know how to protect children from harm, including identifying signs and symptoms of abuse.

  • Ensure intimate care such as nappy changing and toileting, or changing wet clothes is carried out one-to-one by a child’s key person wherever possible, staying visible to other practitioners but maintaining a child’s privacy, for example, leaving the door ajar.

  • Ensure all staff undertaking intimate care have suitable, enhanced DBS checks.

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