The Consortium logoDecorate Your Own Felt Santa Hat

Time to pull out the pom poms, break out the baubles and make a Santa hat with The Consortium!

Your nursery may have learned the Christmas story. You might've fa-la-lah-ed together through the merriest carols. You never did get round to carving that nativity scene out of play dough.

It’s time to make Santa hats…with bells (and everything else) on!

This classic arts and crafts activity is one we all know and love, and it can be given a new lease of life by providing a vast, sparkly, jingly and even fluffy selection of decorations for each child to choose from.

This makes sure that every Tom, Dick and Harriet will have a creative and unique hat to wear throughout the festive season.

Let’s start with the things you’ll definitely need: 

Of course, the choice of decorations is all yours. But here are some of the things The Consortium have had hat-making fun with:

Glitter glue

Glitter glue is a practical way to inject colour and sparkle into the hats.

It also allows children to create the designs, multi-coloured patterns or shapes they associate with Christmas.

Plus, they could also write a Christmas greeting or personalise the hat with their name (those feeling full of Christmas spirit might even want to make their hat for a friend or family member). 

Festive shapes

We’ve also found that pre-made festive shapes cut out hassle and safety concerns, and give children chance to get creative with all kinds of shapes from holly and berries to stars, stockings and candy canes.

These shapes can be stuck on in lots of combinations and even drawn on before adding to the hat. For a 3D effect, tiny pom poms are a fun choice…why not suggest using white ones to create a magical snow scene?

The green and red can be added to glitter glue drawings or stuck on the trim of the hat.

Christmas stampers

As an alternative to paints, things can be kept (relatively) mess-free with Christmas stampers in festive shapes – think snowflakes, angels and baubles – and metallic silver and gold ink pads.

Children can be encouraged to dab away to their heart’s content and it’s an easy way for them to put their personal stamp on their creation. 

Hat’s the way we like it, this Christmas.