Jo BaranekTaking Christmas back 

Christmas should be all about spending time with loved ones, doing activities together and sharing the love. Every so often we lose sight of this. Here are a few ideas to get back to basics. 

Firstly consider sharing the love

There has been a lot in the news recently about inter-generational care where nurseries visit the older generations and share activities.

We have seen on the Channel Four programme 'Old People’s Home for Four-Year-Olds', the affect the children have had on the residents, why not see if you can do the same.

Contact your local care homes and see if they would like you to come in and do some activities with the children and the older generations.

A few ideas could be singing Christmas songs, making Christmas crafts or baking together.

This of course will not only benefit the older people but the children too!

Get back to basics

Next consider taking Christmas back to basics.

In the years before commercial products took over, families used to make their own decorations, cards, wrapping paper and presents.

Why not decorate your nursery this year with decorations made by the children? Think about ping pong ball baubles decorated with paint, dolly peg elves or Santa and decorated paper chains.

These will not only involve the process of creating different items but will also provide items for the parents to see from their children. 

Reverse tradition

Finally why not consider a reverse advent calendar.

This is where you place one item in a box each day for the homeless.

Then on the last day of nursery you can donate this to a homeless charity or shelter.

This will provide children with an understanding of people less fortunate than themselves and that Christmas is a particularly hard time for the homeless. 

Taking Christmas back to basics not only helps others around you but also provides stronger outcomes for the children in the activities you provide. 

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Merry Christmas from all at NDNA. 

This blog post was written by NDNA early years expert Jo Baranek.

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