Early Years Foundation Stage consultation: Why you should respond

It’s time to get your voices heard by responding to the Government's proposed reforms to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Di Chilvers is here to tell you how. 

Please respond. We need as many replies as possible to prevent the biggest change to the EYFS since it’s inception.

It closes at midday on Friday 31 January 2020. 

Why should you respond?

The proposed EYFS reforms will impact across the EYFS from birth to five+. The Government’s relentless focus on reception classes in schools and the massive changes to the Early Learning Goals (ELGs) and the Foundation Stage Profile (EYFSP) have left most of the private and voluntary sector in the dark. The so-called ‘expert groups’ who have been consulted by the Department for Education (DfE), to inform the changes, have focused on schools with no representation from your sector.  

There has been no engagement by the Government with the PVI sector, no pilots and no real understanding that the EYFS is made up of many skilled providers, all working under the same Statutory Framework across the age range birth to five+. 

This has left your sector in the dark and possibly feeling as though the reforms will have no impact on the valuable work you do with young children. When, in effect, it will significantly change your work mainly through Areas of Learning and how these are woven together to inform the curriculum for young children.

We need as many replies as possible to prevent the biggest change to the EYFS since its inception.

What are the implications for you?

  • Considerable changes to the seven Areas of Learning (see more info in the free download below)
  • Removing shape, space and measures, technology and narrowing communication and language
  • Whilst the Characteristics of Effective Learning remain a statutory duty (1.9) they are hardly mentioned
  • No real understanding of HOW children learn between the ages of birth to three+
  • A relentless focus on literacy, mathematics and school readiness
  • A new version of Development Matters and a separate document for the reception year. 

The Early Years Coalition, a group of sector membership bodies, including NDNA, commissioned Professor Chris Pascal and Professor Tony Bertram to undertake a review of the most recent research evidence to support the EYFS.

Titled ‘Getting it right in the Early Years Foundation Stage’ it is an important read which makes a very strong case for the EYFS. You could use this to help you write your response – it’s okay to cut and paste!

See it here  

How can you respond?

  • You can access the consultation here which closes on Friday 31 January at midday
  • The DfE especially want to hear from practitioners and settings working directly with young children and families so your voice is crucial – the number of submissions from you will be counted
  • If you are the parents of a young child your voice will also be crucial – the Government have not consulted with parents at all.

Respond to  consultation

 Download my in-depth analysis of each question and feedback which you could use to help you write your own responses below. 

Free download: guidance on answering each question

Di Chilvers is an advisory consultant in early childhood education.