Here you'll find a range of myNDNA sector advice written by our very own early years advisers and industry experts.

Inspiring a Future Generation

16 May 2017

Tinies Childcare logoOur future is in our hands and we should all follow our hearts when it comes to choosing a career.

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Science in the early years

- Jo Baranek, NDNA Lead Early Years Adviser
9 May 2017

Science in the early years is not about test tubes, Bunsen burners and the periodic table, it is much more fundamental than that and paves the way for our future explorers, investigators, inventors and scientists.

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Air pollution advice

- Fiona Bland, NDNA Early Years Adviser
12 April 2017

Air pollution has been in the news lately, after a report found that over 2,000 schools and nurseries are close to roads with dangerous levels of emissions. How can you check if your nursery is in a pollution hotspot? What steps can nurseries and families take to protect children? Find advice in our myNDNA blog post.

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So what's new in the revised EYFS for April 2017?

- Laura Robshaw, NDNA Quality Manager
15 March 2017

After long anticipation the revised EYFS was finally published on 3 March 2017 by the Childcare Minister, Caroline Dinenage at Childcare Expo in London. Having attended this session it was great to hear and then see the EYFS 2017 and that it was going to become statutory from 3 April 2017 - so what's changed?

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Understanding children’s behaviour

- Sue Asquith, NDNA Early Years Advisor
26 January 2017

Many courses and publications about behaviour refer to Early Years Practitioners ‘managing children’s behaviour’. As an adult you will know that the only person that can control your own behaviour is you!

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A National Living Wage-induced tipping point is looming

- Claire Schofield, NDNA Director of Membership, Policy and Communications

11 January 2017
 Claire Schofield

The childcare sector is in the top three vocations set to struggle most to implement the National Living Wage, according to the Low Pay Commission. This is a ranking that no-one would want but it’s hardly a surprise for us at National Day Nurseries Association. 

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