Here you'll find a range of myNDNA sector advice written by our very own early years advisers and industry experts.

An open letter to Santa from NDNA

19 December 2018
Little girl writing letter to Santa
Dear Santa, Those in the early years sector have been particularly good this year. Here's what the Elves of NDNA think nurseries deserve for 2019. 
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Decorate your own felt Santa hat

12  December 2018
The Consortium logo
Time to pull out the pom poms, break out the baubles and make a Santa hat with The Consortium in their latest blog post.
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Take Christmas Back

6  December 2018
Child with Grandad decorating Christmas tree
Christmas should be all about spending time with loved ones, doing activities together and sharing the love. Every so often we lose sight of this. Here are a few ideas to get back to basics. 
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Registration now OPEN for Childcare Expo London 2019

1 December 2018
Childcare Expo attendees enjoying craft session
The organisers of Childcare Expo are excited to announce that registration is now live for their first event of 2019! See what you can expect in Childcare Expo's latest blog post. 
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Not just a Christmas bauble

1 December 2018
Child with TTS Talking Bauble
Acrylic baubles are usually filled with Christmas themed items, but, what if you were to fill them with different treasures to engage and delight young learners? Read more in TTS latest blog post.
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Celebrating 10 years with Jo Baranek, NDNA Early Years Adviser

28 November 2018
Jo Baranek
Wow, 10 years at NDNA have gone by in a blink of an eye! Let's take a look back at some of my favourite moments at NDNA. 
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Recruiting staff using social media

15 November 2018
Danielle Dixon, Kinder Haven Ltd
Danielle Dixon, Founder and Managing Director of Kinder Haven Day Nurseries explains how she has used social media to recruit staff in challenging times.

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The seaside, plastic waste and our environment

31 October 2018
Seasides with TTS
Topics relating to the sea and seaside can be cross-curricular and are a great way for children to learn about different types of environment, about creatures who live there and historical changes.  Get inspired in this blog post from TTS.

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Creating lasting memories

3 October 2018
Two children hugging
For the children at your nursery, this is the time for discovery and learning. What memories do you create for your children? Find out where your influence leads in this blog post from TTS.

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Reading area inspiration

6 September 2018
Child in library picking book from shelf
An inspiring reading area can take just minutes to create, providing your nursery children with endless opportunities to explore their imagination! Get inspired with this blog post from TTS on reading area ideas.

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Love your reading area

29 August 2018
Child reading book
Literacy is an important area of learning at your nursery so it's important this is reflected in the way books are organised, displayed and used for the children in your care. Get inspired with this blog post from TTS on loving your reading area.

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Quality in early years

16 August 2018
Practitioner being inspected
Good quality early years settings are key to making a difference in a child’s life and giving them the best start they can have. But what does a good quality nursery setting look like and how can you improve your quality for the children in your care?

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Love in early years: is it really that scary?

18 July 2018

This blog post discusses why the word 'love' is avoided in childcare, and how you, as an early years practitioner, should embrace it as part of your professional identity.

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Tummy time for babies

5 June 2018
Baby having tummy time
Babies engaged in tummy time each day are able to roll, crawl, sit, stand and walk earlier than babies that have not. Find out what it is, the benefits and resources in this blog post. 

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Makaton in early years

25 May 2018
Makaton Charity logo
Being able to communicate is one of the most important skills we need in life. Discover what Makaton is, why we need it and how you can use it at your setting in this post. 

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Help nursery children adjust to a new sibling

14 May 2018

Having a new sibling is a big change in a toddler's life, so they will need you to be sensitive, supportive and understanding whilst they come to terms with it.

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20% off seminars at Childcare Expo!

7 May 2018

Childcare Expo are offering NDNA members an exclusive 20% discount off the full seminar programme at their Manchester exhibition on 15 and 16 June 2018!
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Special guest at Childcare Expo Manchester!

9 April 2018

Childcare Expo Manchester is planning its return to EventCity this summer with a heap of brand-new feature areas to keep the visitors entertained and informed across the two days.
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Engaging Boys in Maths

13 March 2018
This blog post will provide top tips for how you can spark boys’ interest in maths and create an environment that will naturally engage them in the subject. 
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The secret lives of our nursery children

7 March 2018
Dr Sam WassFind out how NDNA Conference speaker and on-screen scientist Dr Sam Wass got involved with Channel 4's Secret Life of 4, 5 and 6 year olds, why babies’ hearts are racing in urban areas and how screens have become the norm for modern day children.
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Childcare careers

5 March 2018
Practitioner reading with childAre you interested in a career in childcare? If you have a passion for caring for and teaching small children and providing play activities that enable children to explore and develop, then early years could be the career for you!
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