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Donating books at nursery

Help children to share their love of books with others and to understand about donating to people less fortunate than them by donating books.

Child reading a book


  • Lots of books
  • Books from home that are no longer read by children or adults.

Activity Outline​

  • Ask children to think about who in their community might like to receive a book from them or would like to hear a story with them
  • Talk about the different places people read books e.g. libraries, parks, at home, cafes, care homes, schools etc.
  • Why not take some children out to the local care home with some books donated by their parents to share out?
    • Whilst you are there, sit with the children and the residents and read one of the children's favourite books
    • Perhaps the children could act the story out if it is one they know well?
  • Why not share books elsewhere? E.g. doctors, dentists and cafes - this will not only share good will but also extend the children's knowledge of their local area.

Extension Ideas

Why not host a book stall for fundraising at the nursery?

  • Ask parents to share any old books, fact or fiction, to sell for a good cause
  • Ask the children to think about how much they should sell the books for and even work the till (with support) to develop their maths skills.

Could you get involved in World Book Night? See the World Book Night website here for inspiration.

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