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Alternative ways to have fun at Halloween

There may be some children in your nursery or setting who don’t take part in or enjoy Halloween. This could be because the child might find it too scary or it might be for religious reasons.
This week's top tips aims to help you take into account all members of your community whilst you still enjoy Halloween, which is now widely participated enjoyed throughout the United Kingdom. 

6 tips for alternative ways to have fun at Halloween 

  1. Let parents know well in advance through your nursery newsletter, parent information board, or website if you are planning Halloween activities or a themed week

  2. When you publish this information, mention that if they would prefer their child not to participate in these activities to speak to their child’s key person or send an email to you

  3. If you receive an email, or if a parent approaches you with this issue, ensure you take the time to consider your response. It could be that you thank the parent or carer for letting you know and you will get back to them within a specific timescale. This allows you time to speak to colleagues or discuss the issue at a staff meeting
  4. Your response could include an acknowledgement of their reasons and alternative ways that their child can be included in the topic or theme
  5. Some of the alternatives you could offer might be: a scavenger hunt for natural objects or spiders connected with the time of year, constructing animals or anything the children choose using marshmallows, gathering around a fire pit if you have a forest school area and trained member of staff, cooking with pumpkins, baking biscuits and decorating them, or exploring light and torches, different textures and autumn, leaves, objects and colours. 
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