Update on the Childcare Offer

The Welsh Government has given an update on the Childcare Offer for Wales, including a written statement from Carl Sargeant and a core script.

In his written statement, Carl Sargeant talks about the areas that will be testing the Childcare Offer, saying: "I have now agreed that the early implementers will test different things in different places, as set out below, to see what works and what doesn't across as diverse a range of circumstances and communities as possible. This will inform the childcare offer as we look to roll it out further across Wales." He then lists which areas are taking part in the trials and what each area will be testing.

The core script includes updates on the TalkChildcare campaign with parents and engagement events with providers, and includes information on:

  • Which areas will be testing the offer
  • How these areas were chosen
  • When parents and guardians can access the Childcare Offer
  • When the offer will be rolled out across Wales
  • The Childcare Offer and the early years Foundation Phase.

Download the documents below:

Core script - English
(Microsoft Word Document)
Core script - Welsh
(Microsoft Word Document)
Written statement - English
(Adobe PDF File)
Written statement - Welsh
(Adobe PDF File)