Outstanding Network Award 2017Outstanding Network Award 2017

Sponsored by Sovereign Play

Congratulations to our England winner: Bristol and Gloucestershire (Nicky Edwards) 
The Bristol and Gloucestershire network is very proactive in engaging the local community. With their own Facebook page and fantastic ides around business sustainability, Bristol and Gloucestershire have proven their passion for their local early years environment.

Congratulations to our Scotland winner:
West Lothian (Linda Carr and Gillian Mustard)
West Lothian is one of the oldest Scottish network networks and meets regularly like clockwork. It has a healthy membership base with exceptional attendance.

Congratulations to our Wales winner: Torfaen and Newport network (Nikola Masters)
Torfaen and Newport network encourages staff and parents to fully involve themselves in the town’s activities and work together to ensure all information shared in meetings is relevant and supportive to all.