NDNA Conference: Practice stream

The early years event for nursery practitioners

Andy CopeMotivational: Happiness and the Art of being Brilliant

Andy Cope

Managers and practitioners will be starting the day together with a special session from best-selling author Andy Cope, who will speak about ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’.

Elaine WyllieGetting children active: The Daily Mile™

Elaine Wyllie

Closing both the Leadership and Practice Stream is Elaine Wyllie. Elaine is a former head teacher and speaks regularly at events on health and obesity after introducing The Daily Mile™, backed by Andy Murray. 

Elaine's presentation will discuss the value of The Daily Mile™ and how it is changing lives.  

Ursula Walton who is an Early Years Manager with the Bertram Nursery Group will be joining Elaine also. 

TBCMaking the best use of nursery resources 

Catherine Clark, TTS

Catherine has a wealth of experience having  worked in education for over 30 years .  She started her career in primary schools and went on to specialise in early years education.  

Catherine has created an array of resources and learning materials that are used in settings all over the world. Her work is grounded in child development and finding catalysts to motivate and inspire learners .   She is passionate about providing children with  quality , rich and varied learning experiences that excite  and engage.  

Trisha LeeThe art of storytelling

Trisha Lee, Make Believe Arts

Trisha Lee from Make Believe Arts will explore using a holistic approach called 'Helicopter Stories' to equip practitioners with storytelling skills.

Make Believe Arts is a theatre and education charity and social enterprise, offering innovative, high quality programmes to develop the holistic, creative, emotional and cognitive potential of children and young people from Early Years settings and Primary Schools across the UK.

Angela SpencerNew ideas for the care of babies

Angela Spencer, Babyopathy

Explore how to recognise developmental delay in babies and learn techniques to support child and parents in this session with Angela Spencer of Babyopathy. Take away ideas for meditation exercises too! 

Babyopathy is a sensory based baby-led development programme with its basis in the biophilia hypothesis (our in-built connection to nature) that has been continuously refined to nurture a baby’s complete well-being and natural development through sensory and holistic activities.

Elizabeth JarmanCreating Developmentally Appropriate Communication Friendly Spaces™ 

Elizabeth Jarman

Elizabeth Jarman is an internationally recognised learning environments expert. She is an award winning author. Elizabeth developed The Communication Friendly Spaces™ Approach, which uses the environment to support communication skills, emotional well-being and physical development.

Elizabeth’s work is widely recognised and respected and her thinking is professionally challenging the way that environments for children are viewed. She developed many Early Years Programmes for the Department for Education, UK. Elizabeth worked as lead consultant with UNESCO advising on the development of European Family Learning schemes. She is currently developing various learning environment projects in the UK, Jordan, Malaysia and Thailand. See www.elizabethjarman.com for more information.