Covid-born Babies - How To Support Them - Webinar

Covid-born Babies - How To Support Them - Webinar
Learn how to support babies and toddlers, whose development and wellbeing may have suffered from the effects of the pandemic

Course details  
Duration: 1 x 90-minute module 
Who should attend:  Early years practitioners

What you learn on the course:
The restrictions imposed on normal life because of the pandemic have had a significant impact on all of us. Babies born during this time may have had their development particularly affected by restrictions on normal life, including movement, meeting loved ones, and playing with others. 
This webinar will give practitioners strategies to support babies and young children, whose wellbeing and development may have been impacted by Covid. 

Key topics
• The impact of Covid on the development of babies
• The key focus points for early years settings when caring for babies
• Strategies to support babies and their families transitioning into or already attending early years settings

£25 for members
£33.33 for non-members

When: 3/11/2021 10.00 – 11.30am

Delegate Information:
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What you will need to access the webinar: 
NDNA confirmation email with the link to the webinar
PC, laptop or tablet
Access to the internet with a reliable connection 
03/11/2021 10:00 - 03/11/2021 11:30

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