Supporting Children Through Adversity - Webinar

Supporting Children Through Adversity - Webinar
Strategies to support children who have had adverse childhood experiences

Course details
Duration: 1 x 90 minute module
Who should attend: Early years practitioners

What you learn on the course
Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are highly stressful events or situations that happen during childhood and/or adolescence. The restrictions imposed by the pandemic was an ACE in itself for many.
Half a million children under five live in households where a parent or carer is experiencing severe mental ill health, substance misuse or domestic abuse and ACEs can have a profound effect on a child’s development and future life chances.
This webinar looks at how early years practitioners can provide intensified support to such children, helping them and their families to overcome adversity and to reach their potential. 

Key topics
• Understand what adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are in relation to children in the early years
• How ACEs affect children’s learning and development
• Practical strategies to support children with ACEs in early years settings

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When: 5/11/2021 10.00am – 11.30pm

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05/11/2021 10:00 - 05/11/2021 11:30

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