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What benefits do I get for being an NDNA member?

If you are an overseas nursery that wants to keep up to date with the latest early years news, initiatives and policies in the UK, NDNA’s international membership package is for you.

With access to over 60 policy and procedure templates, our bi-monthly Nursery News magazine and discounts on our training and publications, NDNA’s membership package will help you provide the quality care that parents look for in a nursery. NDNA head office staff are on hand to answer your questions regarding quality, safeguarding or any other childcare issues. To see the full list of benefits, go to our International Membership page.

Which curriculum do overseas nurseries follow?

Many overseas nurseries choose to follow the English curriculum: the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). It is an internationally respected education programme that focuses on helping children to learn through play.

British parents living abroad will be keen to find nurseries for their children that follow the EYFS because they know how much it will benefit their children. For more information on the EYFS, please click here.  

I want to train my staff within my setting, in my country, is this possible?

NDNA has a network of trainers that deliver face to face training throughout the world, which means we can provide training at your setting. If you would like to join forces with other nurseries, we can also provide training as an open event.

To arrange face to face training at your nursery, please contact us. To see our full list of training courses, please visit our shop - if you're a member, you'll receive our discounted member price. 

I want to buy online training for all my staff – how does it work?

Online training is a cost-effective way of providing training to all your staff.

NDNA has a range of courses that cover: the EYFS across different age groups, guidelines on nutrition and healthy eating for under 5s as well as qualification courses in Health and Safety for Childcare Practitioners and Basic Food Hygiene.

Nursery owners and managers can simply order the number of courses they require through our website. You will then be supplied with a list of enrolment keys that you give to your staff. Your staff will then register themselves on our online training portal at, enter the enrolment key and start the training. All learners receive a certificate upon successful completion of the course. Please visit our shop for our full range of online courses.

What advice and training do you provide on the EYFS?

NDNA provides a top-of-the-range quality improvement scheme, called e-Quality Counts. It's a step-by-step guide to providing the highest quality childcare, following the principles of the EYFS. With key sections focusing on the learning environment, safeguarding and leadership and management, Quality Counts will ensure your nursery stands out from the crowd. Read more about Quality Counts here.

We also have a wide range of EYFS training, which is available both face-to-face and online, and will help your staff to provide the best quality care to children in the nursery. Training courses cover topics such as Schemas, Working with Babies, Learning and Development, Outdoor and Risky Play and many more.  

NDNA members will also find incredible support on following the EYFS in our free policies and procedures templates, and invaluable advice in our range of childcare publications.
When you're a member, you'll receive a discount on all NDNA training and publications. Read more information on NDNA International membership

I want my staff to visit UK nurseries – can you help to arrange this?

Many overseas childcare practitioners find it beneficial to witness British childcare in practice. We've arranged a number of successful visits by overseas childcare providers to some of our member nurseries in the UK. Read the interesting feedback from a group of Czech kindergarten teachers  who visited a number of nurseries in Leeds. If you would like our help in arranging visits to UK nurseries, please contact us.

I want to open a nursery overseas – can you help me? 

Our partner, World Academies, specialises in providing pre-start up support and project management services to overseas nurseries to ensure nurseries are opened on time and achieving excellence from the first day of opening. World Academies and NDNA then provide long-term operational support, training and quality assurance to ensure high quality nursery provision. Find out more about how World Academies can help you.

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See our range of helpful factsheets, free to NDNA members here.  

Still unsure? Email the membership team at or call 01484 407070.

If you have any safeguarding concerns, it is important that you follow your local safeguarding procedures. Contact your local authority children’s services/social workers to speak to the off-duty social worker.