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NDNA has partnered with uFony to provide their Daycarez™ App at 20% off to NDNA International members.

Daycarez™ is a complete solution for day nurseries to capture, track and share information about each child with their parents.

Daycarez™ provides both practitioners and parents with one convenient window on their smartphone.  Individual feedback, pictures, live stream video, notes and calendars can be shared easily and quickly giving a richer experience for parents, whereas two-way communication ensures instant feedback for the nursery, thus improving collaboration between parent and practitioner.

Daycarez™ gives parents regular, engaging and effective feedback about their child straight to their smartphone allowing them to see how their child is spending their day and meeting learning milestones.

Nurseries get a quick and effective way to track a child’s progress and communicate securely with parents, saving time and effort.

Parent updates can include general well-being & hygiene, meals eaten, sleep patterns and learning activity while the same app helps the nursery to easily and securely manage and analyse child and parent data, parent communications and payments, saving time and money.

Daycarez™ can be multilingual and easily integrates with existing systems.

Accessing your discount

Simply login here  with your NDNA membership details to see the code for Daycarez™. Go to the Daycarez™ website and purchase the product, adding the promotional code in when you purchase.

Find out more about Daycarez™ from uFony here.

uFony was founded in 2012 by Ashish Chaturvedi to provide parent engagement and nursery management solutions and operates in the US, Canada, India and more.  uFony stands for euphony, which means a pleasing sound.   

The philosophy behind uFony is to bring parents the “pleasing sound” of their child’s happiness and well-being.