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Qualifications checker tool
Use the Government qualifications checker tool here to check staff have the correct qualifications for to count in EYFS staff:child ratios. There are two lists, pre and Post September 2014, so you will need to know the date of the qualification you are checking. 

If the qualification you have is not on the list, then it is not full and relevant. The member of staff can still be used as an unqualified member of staff but cannot be counted in the level 3 ratios. If you wish to find out more, or question the list, there is a contact us form at the bottom of the Government web page, which can be used to ask the Department for Education directly. 

To develop a ‘statement of comparability for the early years sector’ (SOCEYS) for people with an overseas qualifications you should use the UK NARIC website to apply for a statement (there is a charge for this service), work out if their qualification meets the necessary full and relevant criteria and work out which level in the EYFS staff:child ratios the qualification counts towards.

Government guidance
See Government guidance on recruiting and managing early years staff here.