Children's well-being and staff well-being resources from NDNA

Children's well-being

Get tips to tune into children's emotions and increase levels of well-being with our 'Children's Well-being' publication, written by Stacy Mann, NDNA Associate Trainer.
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Well-being training

See our 'Promoting Emotional Well-being and Thinking' and Self-Regulation and Supporting Well-being' training. And access our free online course on 'Supporting Well-being in the Early Years Workforce'.

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Well-being policy

What better way to commit to promoting good well-being at your setting than to have a policy? Access our adaptable policy and procedure template FREE for NDNA members. 

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Helpful blog posts

Read our blog posts on recognising signs of anxiety in children, parents and carers, mindfulness at nursery and having a mindfulness curriculum at nursery.

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Well-being factsheets

See our handy factsheets for top tips on supporting 'Well-being in the Early Years' and 'Supporting Children’s Emotional Well-being

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Well-being inspiration

See our tips for hosting a 'Well-being Week', encouraging heartfelt hugs, infant massage, having a mindful walk at nursery and making a 'calm area' for both your children and your staff.

Free downloads: Articles on well-being in the early years

Download a selection of our member magazine articles all about well-being in early years, from Mental Health First Aid to Hygge and happiness! 

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Some inspiration....

Our children are our garden, they absorb our stress, just as they absorb our peace. They absorb our negativity, just as they absorb our joy. And we have the power to control what they absorb, but first we must tend to ourselves

Stafford, 2014

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