Influencing Policy – Welsh Government supports private sector 

Following discussions with Sandra Welsby, NDNA Cymru National Manager, about potential issues around capital grants for delivering the Childcare Offer for Wales, the Welsh Government have confirmed that: Welsh Government logo

“The local authorities need to demonstrate that they have worked with local childcare providers and that there is a clear need for additional places in the area; once this has been proven then the local authority will need to show that the proposals are the most cost effective option. We will not therefore be looking to fund new or enhanced provision in schools if there is capacity in the private sector or if extending a private setting is the more cost effective option.

“In addition to this we have also stipulated that there must be open and fair procurement of a childcare provider for any new setting, regardless of where this is situated. We will be looking to the local authorities in due course to demonstrate that they have done this.”