30 hours registration for summer term 2018

Parents must receive codes for 30 hours places for the summer term by 31 March

HMRC has advised that parents must register for a 30 hours place for their child before the end of March 2018 to get an eligibility code before the start of the summer term.

Nurseries must advise parents to register well before the final deadline of 31 March, as the process can take a few days and some issues may need to be resolved.

As you know, not all parents can get a code straight away – HMRC sometimes needs more information to check whether a parent is eligible. The final deadline is 31 March but don't leave it too late as you may not get your code in time.

HMRC also wants to remind existing parents to reconfirm their eligibility for 30 hours every three months.

To support this, HMRC has produced a new parent communications toolkit, to provide further information to parents about 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare. The toolkit below includes the following:Childcare Choices logo

Eligible parents can apply for both 30 hours free childcare and Tax-Free Childcare via the Childcare Choices website. They can apply for all of their children once their youngest child qualifies - read more here.

You can also download information to give to parents below. The information covers how parents who've applied for 30 hours already can access their account.

Information regarding payments:

  • Parents can pay into their account using either debit card or Faster Payments (where offered by their bank). If the parent makes a deposit (before 6.30pm for Faster Payments and before 8pm for debit cards) then the funds will be available as cleared funds the next day
  • When the parent authorises the payment from their childcare account, it will arrive in the provider’s account 3 working days later, which is the standard BACS clearance time
  • Credit cards can’t be used to make payments into childcare accounts.