Lead in drinking water project

The Drinking Water Quality Regulator for Scotland (DWQR) has established a project to reduce exposure to lead in drinking water. 

A key area for the campaign is buildings where the public have access to drinking water. This includes nurseries and childcare services, if they are located in properties built before 1970 when the use of lead piping for water supplies was banned.

It is important that nursery services are provided in premises where there are no lead pipes or storage tanks in the water supply route to drinking water points or kitchen areas where food or drinks may be prepared. 

Currently, all Local Authorities are working to verify that all of their premises are free of lead, and further work to verify privately owned nurseries is planned. In the meantime however, it is important that providers operating in privately owned premises check if lead piping exists in the premises and make plans to remove any present as soon as possible.

You can download information on the project below, and find information on the health effects of exposure to lead here. Exposure to significant quantities of lead can be especially harmful to the health of unborn babies and young children due to their immaturity and still developing organs and nervous systems.