Terror attack: message from the Scottish Government

The Scottish Government has sent a statement to partner organisations following the incident. Please share with your networks if helpful. The statement says: 

"This is a time to ensure we talk to our children, at home, at school and when we hear them talking among their friends. We would ask you to reach out through your networks to support children to make sense of what is happening, encourage our young people to ask questions, to talk to people and to reach out for support. The following are links to resources which may assist and provide help and support to our young people who may require assistance in coming to terms with the impact of yesterday’s tragic events:"

  • Young Scot - providing guidance and advice to young people feeling worried or concerned about events currently happening around the world
  • Children 1st - Parentline - 08000 28 22 33
  • NSPCC - Talking about difficult topics
  • Childline - Worried about the world.
Read NDNA's advice here