Terrorism: advice for nurseriesChild holding playdough heart

Everyone will be heartbroken by the news of the bombing in Manchester Arena on 22 May and attacks in London on 3 June 2017. 

All of our members will be affected by this news, but some could have children and parents directly affected. Here is some practical advice for nurseries at this very traumatic time:

  • Nurseries directly affected may have to be flexible with their parents, some may not be able to get to nursery during a lock down
  • Some nurseries may not be able to open – it will be too late to give advice on letting parents know but think about flexibility of places where possible  
  • If staff coming in are affected due to travel issues and you cannot maintain ratios look at your emergency cover and contact Ofsted if you are struggling to maintain ratios in these exceptional circumstances  
  • Be aware that if a lock down continues into the evening some parents may be late picking up their children so try to be flexible again
  • Offer opportunities for staff and parents to talk over any worries or concerns but try not to discuss the situation in front of children
  • Some families and staff may be directly involved so be aware of this  
  • Children may be asking questions if they have heard the news – listen to their concerns and think about how to support them to ask questions and how to answer them  
  • Avoid sensationalised language and emphasise that there is much more good news than bad news. Stress that they are safe and events like this one are very rare
  • Let their parents know what they have been saying and how you responded
  • If you are badly affected then consider external support for children and staff such as counselling.

Free downloadable resources to support you: