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Here you can find our campaigns and causes we are lobbying for which support your nursery and highlight the positive work that nurseries do.

Good for planet. Good for me.
Good for the planet. Good for me. logo

Our 'Good for planet. Good for me.' campaign in partnership with Organix will help you support your children to develop a love for fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy, balanced diet. You’ll be encouraging them to explore a rainbow of bright and tasty fruit and vegetables with our videos, downloads and resources each week. 

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Coronavirus: #TestAllEarlyYearsWorkers


Children and Families Minister Vicky Ford confirmed that maintained nurseries and nurseries in schools have been given coronavirus / COVID-19 testing kits but not PVI nurseries. We feel that this is grossly unfair! If you agree, get involved in our #TestAllEarlyYearsWorkers campaign.

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Spending review: #StartBuildingFutures

This is a crucial period for nurseries, parents and children as the Government in England is looking at its spending plans for the next three years. Children born now will have their entire early education shaped by the decisions made this autumn. .

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