NDNA brings Czech nursery teachers to Yorkshire for research trip 

NDNA hosted a visit from 30 teachers from the Czech Republic to research best practice in Yorkshire nurseries. The early years teachers stayed in Leeds and visited five nurseries in and around the city centre.
Their aim was to research how to improve the level of teaching and care for pre-school children, as well as business management and sustainability in the Czech Republic.

We asked Tereza Kučerová, one of the teachers, what she learned from the visit:

Did you enjoy your first visit to an English nursery? Yes indeed. It was lovely, everyone was so nice and kind... I was rather startled and shocked at times though because the nurseries in the UK seem to be very different from those in our country. We feel very inspired and would love to bring the know-how to the Czech Republic, but we all realise it is going to be near impossible as the Czech system is so different and there are about 25 kids for one teacher in our nurseries.  

Were you impressed with the facilities? Impressed might be too strong a word to describe what I felt but I did like it very much. The facilities are similar to those in the Czech nurseries but the overall atmosphere in your nurseries is much more relaxed, which I love.
Which aspects are different to your nurseries/schools in Czech Republic? The attitude of the teachers is much more relaxed here and the kids seem to be way more happy and enjoying their life. However, in our nurseries, everything is in order, everything is spotless and clean, and it would be impossible to see a child rolling in mud or getting wet in the garden. The parents would complain and the teachers would get into trouble. Also, I like the fact that here no one forces the kids to do anything, they go outside only if they feel like it and they can take any toy to play with at any time during the day. In our country, the daily programme is clearly organised and structured, the kids should do what they are told and they don't have much choice. I love that you actually teach the kids to be responsible and independent, making their own choices and decisions.

Which aspects were similar? We use similar toys and have similar facilities in our nurseries. 

What will you take away from your visit? I will remember that it is much more important to see the kids happy and making their own decisions - no matter if they are dirty, with just one shoe, and there is mud on the floor... as long as they are happy and healthy, enjoying their childhood years, that is the only thing that matters. 

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