Parents should register this month for summer 30 hour place

Parents with children who will be aged three by the summer term should register for a 30 hours funded place by end of February.

HMRC - which administers the Childcare Choices website and helpline for 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare registration – has advised that new parents must register by 28 February to guarantee an eligibility code.

Without this code, they won’t be able to receive funding for the additional entitlement.

The absolute deadline for receiving an eligibility code is 31 March but this can take a few days. Anyone missing this deadline may not be eligible for a 30 hours place for their child, starting from April. It is advisable to register as early as possible.

Parents of children already on the scheme are reminded they must reconfirm their eligibility every three months from the date of receiving their code. If they don’t do this, they will automatically be put into their “grace period” (the duration of the following half term) before losing their funding.

From 14 February all parents of children up to the age of 12 can apply for Tax-Free Childcare. This includes the self-employed. 

Apply online for Tax-Free Childcare and 30 hours by visiting the Childcare Choices website. Parents can also access the government’s childcare calculator through Childcare Choices, which helps parents to choose which government childcare support is best for them.

NDNA continues to press the government to make the scheme as user friendly as possible and to address the number of glitches which have affected the system since it launched.