Government must help providers understand T Levels better

NDNA has called on the Government to put out clear messages about the content of T Levels after they have confirmed that Early Years Educator courses will not be available for college aged students in the future.Practitioner and child

In an exclusive article, Nursery World revealed the shift in policy. The Government is focusing away from EYE qualifications to the new T Levels for 16 to 18 year olds.

Stella Ziolkowski, NDNA’s Director of Quality and Training, said: “The Department for Education needs to put out clear messages to childcare providers about what T Levels are and what a student completing this route can offer the early years workplace. 

“Employers need to be able to understand what someone achieving T Levels will know in relation to someone exiting an Early Years Educator level 3 qualification to be able to make informed choices around employment. We need to see clearly what is different about the two qualifications and what is the same.

“We certainly don’t want anything to reduce the number of candidates coming into the sector as a career because nurseries are already struggling to recruit. Government must make sure there is sufficient information for early years providers so they can make the right choices for their settings. We would not want a reduction in candidates to be a consequence of the shift to T Levels.”