NDNA respond to C4’s Train Your Baby Like a Dog 

Channel 4 caused controversy last week when they aired their latest pilot programme Train Your Baby Like a Dog. Channel 4 logo

The programme saw dog trainer and behaviourist Jo-Rosie Haffenden use her dog training reward techniques on young children in two families. 
The show caused outrage on social media and sparked a petition to cancel the show before it was aired. NDNA supported the petition and shared it with our members and it reached over 35,000 signatures. 

We believe a child’s earliest years are the most fundamental and the most important years of their lives where they learn the skills that help them grow and develop into successful adults.  This is a time for children to learn how to recognise and deal with their strong emotions and physical responses.  There is a danger of using a clicker in the long-term as this is clearly about conformity and not treating children as unique individuals. 

Childcare providers work hard to support children to develop their emotional literacy and self-regulation and use positive behaviour strategies that support and develop a child’s intrinsic motivation.

The programme demonstrated the need for more support for parents. Parents need access to early years specialists who are knowledgeable in how children develop personally, socially and emotionally. This can support them in understanding their child’s behavioural communication. 

Early years specialists are able to provide parents with support based on the latest research and best practice in child development and can work with families to build up a bank of long term strategies to support their child’s individual needs.

You can see the petition and sign it here