Scottish providers can advertise jobs for free

All Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) providers, who are registered with the Care Inspectorate, can now post their job advertisements on the myjobScotland website. 

Those providers advertising on the site will not be charged for their listing. This new initiative will remain in place until the end of March 2021. 

Funded ELC continues to rollout with local plans being enacted in the run up to implementation in 2020. The Scottish Government and COSLA are keen to ensure a consistent approach to the recruitment of additional staff required for the expansion. 

The Scottish Government has provided funding to COSLA to enable them to open up the myjobscotland website. 

Question and Answers

Who can post adverts on

Any provider of Early Learning and Childcare, whether providing statutory hours or not, can advertise. Settings do not have to be in partnership with their local authority to be able to take up the offer.

Is there a charge for posting jobs on

No, funding has been provided to ensure that all providers of ELC are able to advertise free of charge.

myjobScotlandHow do I post an advert on

There is a four step process to follow: 

  1. Register your account at using the email address that your organisation used to register with the Care Inspectorate.
    Please note, some individuals may have previously registered a personal candidate account on myjobscotland using a personal e-mail address. Those personal e-mail addresses (used to set up personal candidate accounts), cannot be used to register your organisation on myjobscotland. To post jobs, a new account must be set up using the e-mail address your organisation used to register with Care Inspectorate.
  2. You will receive an activation email to this account, click on this link to activate your account;
  3. Once you log back in you can “Claim ownership of your organisation”
  4. Select your organisation by typing your organisation into the “Organisation Search” box
  5. Once selected, enter your Service Provider registration number as supplied by the Care Inspectorate, beginning with the prefix “SP”       
  6. If you have entered the information correctly you will be authorised to create your page and publish your jobs for free
  7. If you have entered any information incorrectly, we will need to manually verify your account which may take up to two working days
  8. Once authorised, you will be able to advertise your post and find the person you’re looking for, as well as the ability to edit start and end dates for the advert.

What else do I need to be able to register on

You will need to use the e-mail address that is registered with the Care Inspectorate when registering on the site. You will also be asked to provide your service provider number, beginning with SP, when claiming your organisation on the site. 

I have a registered email address with the Care Inspectorate for more than one location, do I need to register more than once?

No, if you are the registered user, you will be able to claim your other organisations, using the same account.

What type or roles can I advertise?

Only those roles which require Scottish Social Services Council registration can be posted on the site. Janitors, Administrative staff, chefs etc, cannot be advertised and will be removed.

Is there a limit to the number of times I can advertise?

No. Funding has been provided for up to 20,000 posts over the coming three years. There are no plans to limit the number of times a setting can advertise within that period.  

Can I contact someone if I’m having trouble with the process?

Yes, you can contact if you are having any issues with registering or posting jobs, please provide your SP number when you get in touch.  Due to the nature of this offer it may take up to two working days to respond to your request.

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