Latest update regarding Morton Michel insurance 

NDNA is aware of a notification from Morton Michel on their insurance position as a result of the number of calls they have been receiving regarding Covea insurance cover due to COVID-19. Morton Michel logo

We understand Morton Michel is setting up a Nursery Care Online Claim Form to help providers make a speedier claim than trying to do so via telephone. Depending on your own policy and level of cover you may be able to claim under Extension 7 in the Loss of Revenue section of the policy.

From the information we have seen, the online form has not yet been launched but they are asking for policy holders to be ready to provide certain information in order to expedite their claim.

If you have a relevant Covea policy, we assume Morton Michel will inform you as to when the online claim form is ready but we suggest that you regularly check their website just in case. In addition, if we receive any further information on this, we will aim to circulate what we know as quickly as possible.

Before making a decision on whether to close your nursery or stay open, please consult your insurance cover so you know whether you are likely to be covered or not.

We have been in contact with major insurance providers to urge them to share as much information as they can with policy holders. NDNA are also working hard to ensure the Government are kept updated on developments where nurseries are open but told they are not covered. 

If you are experiencing this then please let us know your insurer by emailing the details to

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