Scotland: Survey findings show that nursery staff are struggling to operate within the current guidance

Three quarters of nurseries would be running at a loss over the coming months without changes to existing guidance for early learning and childcare settings.NDNA Scotland logo

With average expected attendance of 41% there is still a lot of uncertainty for the future.

With uncertainty about demand and how to make bubbles work in a sustainable way, over four in ten said they planned to wait until after the re-opening date of 15 July before accepting more children back into settings.

Other key findings of the survey were:

  • 27.5% of settings were open for key workers and vulnerable children prior to 15th July while 72.5%  were not
  • 19.6% of settings are operating at or around break even          
  • 41.2% of settings said that they would re-open their setting/s that are currently closed on the 15 July                           
  • 42.2% said that they would remain closed until after the re-opening date of 15th July       
  • 74.5% of settings are running at a loss  
  • 42.2% of settings said that working in bubbles would be possible - however many caveated that with financial challenges
  • 88.2% of settings said that working in small cohorts would affect staffing levels with much of the feedback focussing on how unsustainable additional staffing requirements would be.

The survey findings showed the importance of planned changes announced last week that the Scottish Government position on the use of small cohorts or ‘bubbles’ would change in August. 

The changes settings have made to be able to operate as safely as possible for staff and children also highlight why transitional funding  is necessary support for the sector.