Sir Kevan Collins resigns over Covid-19 catch-up plans

Education recovery commissioner Sir Kevan Collins wrote to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday to offer his resignation after just 5 months in the role. Government logo

Sir Kevan has stepped down due to Government catch up plans falling short of what is needed to close the learning gap caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It was revealed this week that he had asked the government to fund a £15 billion catch-up fund but the Department for Education revealed just £1.4 billion. 

Stella Ziolkowski, NDNA’s Director of Quality and Training, said: “Sir Kevan has a wealth of experience in education and supporting young children and families. His resignation is a real blow that raises important questions about the Government’s commitment to supporting educational recovery from children’s early years through to the end of compulsory education.

“Children have missed out on so many opportunities and experiences due to the pandemic, not just in formal early education settings like nurseries but at home with friends and wider families too. 

“The funding announced by the Government to date does not reflect the scale of the challenges faced by nurseries and early years settings in supporting children’s early learning and development. At the same time, childcare providers are facing rising costs, lower income and a workforce crisis as a result of the pandemic. 

“We know that investment in children in their earliest years makes the biggest difference to their developmental outcomes and future life chances. Recovery plans and levels of investment must reflect this as we already know the longer term costs of failing to get it right. 

 “We need the Government to show real ambition for our youngest children’s education and back this up with the financial support and resources that our vital early years sector desperately needs.”

Find out more and read Sir Kevan’s resignation letter here.